Tamarack Farm Retreats

 A temporal stay for breast cancer survivors. 



Welcome to the beautiful Litchfield Hills!

This is our story.

 Living and working on Tamarack Farm has always been a truly unique and joyful experience. One of the best things about the job, however, is in being able to share the beauty and bounty of this amazing space. Each time friends or family members have visited, they have left behind their busy lives just to be in the moment. From city folk to woodsy friends, everyone has taken time to soak in the beauty of the river, the majestic old maple trees, the soft meadows and open fields. Every sound and smell of summer rushing together, bringing an experience to all that is personal, and enriching. Unanimously, a transformation- whether big or small- has occurred in everyone that has spent some time here. That experience, is what we hope to share with you. 


Some have asked us, "Why a 'retreat'?". Answering that question for ourselves, we realized, has been as important as answering it for others. We have always known that this space could have a meaningful impact for people, especially for those going through a difficult time, or experiencing a big life change. Cancer specifically had affected all of us, either directly, or through loved ones. The organic evolution, of creating a retreat for breast cancer survivors, was based from these shared stories. From the community we have built around these dialogues, we decided that for a few special weekends every summer, our farm would turn into 'Tamarack Farm Retreats'.


The buzzing energy and positive response around this idea has encouraged us to develop our dream into a reality. Artists, musicians, educators, healers, and others have come together with the same drive to make these weekends full of abundance, and a truly one-of-a-kind experience for our guests. From the hospitality of our volunteers, and the generosity of the owners of Tamarack Farm, we offer this entire retreat free of charge. 

We are excited and honored for you to consider joining us. We hope for this space to be utilized by many as a source of solace, peace, and renewal.



(252) 256-2131



20 Tamarack Lane
Roxbury, CT 06783


Contact Hours

M-Th 9a–4p
F-Sa 12p–4p
Su 10a–4p


What To Expect

Dates, Times, and Accommodations

For 2017 we will be hosting 4 weekend retreats.

These dates include:

  • June 23rd to 25th -- This weekend has now been filled. Thank you for your interest. 
  • July 14th to 16th -- This weekend has now been filled. Thank you for your interest. 
  • August 11th to 13th
  • September 15th to 17th -- This weekend is currently filled- however, we encourage applicants to still inquire about waitlisting opportunities if they are interested. 

*Please note: Spaces are very limited. Each guest may only attend one retreat. We do this to ensure an equal opportunity for all potential guests to experience the retreat. Thank you for your understanding!


All retreats start on a Friday evening, and end by Sunday evening.   

Each guest enjoys the comfort and privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom.



Meal preparation is a group effort with freshly harvested ingredients provided from our farm, as well as other local farms. All meals are provided for by the retreat, but guest are welcome to bring their own food and snacks. Meal time is the best time to share tips and ask questions about cooking, diet and nutrition! Someone with a culinary and/or nutrition background will be on hand to guide meal preparation and answer questions.



There is so much to do and see on the farm! Visitors could easily spend all weekend simply exploring and relaxing.

Tamarack Farm Retreats is a collaborative project formed by the efforts of our many talented and creative volunteers that aim to bring our visitors new learning opportunities and experiences. You can read about all of the things we will be offering in further detail by clicking on the “Activities and Communal Learning” tab from our home page. While we encourage our guests to participate in these unique activities and group discussions, no one is under pressure or obligation to take part. All of our guests have full autonomy over their time and activities here at Tamarack Farm.



Each guest is responsible for transportation to and from the retreat. If you have an issue getting here and/or getting home, we will do our best to find a solution, either through car pooling or a ride from a volunteer. 

Registering for a Retreat

Click on the “Registration” tab at the top of the home page to get to the registration form. Please note that by filling out this form, you are not yet registered for a retreat. The entire registration process requires multiple steps in order to secure a reserved space.

We encourage anyone who is interested in attending to fill out the brief registration form right away. After we have receive a completed registration form, we will send out an email notifying you that we have received a registration form, and a starter packet and full registration will be sent to you by “snail mail”.

This packet will include:

  1. A brief questionnaire to help us get to know a little about you. It is important for us to know of any special needs our guests might have. Answers to this questionnaire also help us to customize the retreat to the wants and needs of our attending guests.
  2. A doctor’s release form.
  3. A liability release form.
  4. A self addressed and stamped envelope, to return to us the completed forms.

*Please note that all retreat spaces are reserved on a first come, first serve basis, dependent on when we receive all completed forms.



Activities and Communal Learning

All activities provided at Tamarack Farm Retreats are made possible by the generosity of our specialist volunteers. The activities listed are just some of the many opportunities provided on the farm. Each weekend will feature some, though not all, of these activities, dependent upon applicant's interest, and volunteer availaibility. 


Yoga and guided meditation

Yoga at Tamarack Farm Retreats is provided to connect mind, body, and soul. Our certified teachers are here to bring you a restorative experience. All yoga activities featured at this retreat are gentle and welcoming to visitors of every level. Our guided meditation sessions can be following group yoga class or made available at separate times, and may be part of a communal or private session depending on visitor request. 


Reiki and light touch experiences

We provide reiki, light touch massage, and energy work for our visitors. All of our providers here are fully trained and will work with you one-on-one in a private, safe space to bring you an experience aimed at replenishing well-being.



We believe that no matter how creative you consider yourself to be, that art is an incredible way to connect with yourself and others. Local artists and art instructors are here to spend time with you and help guide you, as you to tap into your intuitive, gifted self.


Horticulture WALKS and Gardening

It all begins with our roots. This farm, the plants and crops that grow here, and the native flora are all part of the unique experience of this space. Join the farmers in the vegetable garden and go on a guided, educational tour of what we do here. Foods will be harvested daily for community meals. Hands on experience is optional, for those who want to be directly in the welcoming soil. 


Music and Drum Circles 

Drumming, song, dance, and more are all full body actions that are as connective as they are fun! These group music sessions will be facilitated by percussive leaders and musicians to bring you a moment of play and curiosity. 


Community meals and nutrition

From the foods harvested just outside our doors, volunteers with culinary or nutrition backgrounds will be available to guide and facilitate delicious, creative, and nourishing dinners with the group. We encourage all to be excited to explore and have some fun! 

Other activities include, but are not limited to: movie and game nights, guided nature walks, bonfires, water and land sports, educational group discussions on herbal and perennial plants, and more. We welcome new ideas and encourage you to call or email us with your thoughts. 

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